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How I found my Joy!

And why I want to share it with you.

In 2010, I looked at my life and became aware of the significant changes I needed to make. I began to travel more, paid off old debt, learned to finally let go of baggage, and truly started to live my life for me. I started to study the Law of Attraction and the Law of Gratitude and learned to meditate too. 


What I didn’t know then, but what I fully understand now, is that simply put... I "woke up". I had somehow opened my eyes one day and stepped onto the path of my own spiritual awakening in a more profound way than anything I had ever experienced while attending church. 


During the next 5 years, as I learned more and developed a deeper connection with God (or Source), spirit and angels I began receiving Divine guidance that I wasn't actually doing the work I came here to do and that I needed to make some drastic changes (like quit my job).


WAIT! WHAT? "God...look, you got this all wrong" I kept thinking. I can't quit my job. I'll lose everything. I'll be poor. What will my family think? What will the neighbors think? On and on this argument went for a great deal of time. I was a successful businesswoman after all and my ego was clearly NOT on board.


But, as fate would have it (or as God designed it), the aviation business I co-owned for 10 years was becoming ever more stressful and full of politics and drama. So much so, that my health started to deteriorate, and speaking honestly, I was actually very miserable. I knew the answer to peace was to leave the company but I was very afraid of the unknown and what I would do for a living. Eventually, I made the agonizing decision to sell off my company shares and say goodbye to the corporate world.  


So what the heck does a middle-aged woman do after quitting her professional career? Well, …she takes a solo trip to Sedona, AZ on a soul-seeking adventure of course! Being there was the most amazing life-changing experience of my life (so far) because I discovered who I really was and that my passion, my true desire was that of helping people. I felt like I finally had my “aha” moment (in the middle of the desert of all 


So, with great enthusiasm, after I returned home, I became certified in various skincare and healing modalities and started developing my natural abilities to begin my new professional career helping people as an Esthetician, Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Intuitive Healer. 


I am grateful for my journey and where I am on my path today. I hope it's one that may somehow be inspiring to you or someone you know. I've learned that the Universe always provides for all my wants and needs. All I need to do is trust and allow. Life is amazingly wonderful when you approach it with an open heart and embrace it with eager arms. Doing so provides a depth of love, understanding, and opportunity that was once thought to be unreachable. 


Love & Light to you,



Esthetician Stevensville Montana


Montana Board of Barbers & Cosmetologists-

Licensed Esthetician 

Licensed Heal Your Life Coach & Workshop/Seminar Leader

Board of Florida Cosmetology


Electrologist & Laser Hair Removal 

Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher 

Assertiveness Coach

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