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Crystal healing services MT

Crystal Therapy

Discover the power of natural healing here at Amari! This service is designed to help you align your body and mind through the use of crystals, which have a powerful ability to restore balance and promote wellbeing. Let's unlock the healing potential within.

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What are Crystals?

A crystal is a solid body with a perfect geometrically regular shape (triangle, square, rectangle, hexagon, rhomboid, parallelogram, or trapezium). Some were created when the earth formed by being subjected to enormous pressure while others grew underground, in layers, or even dripped into being. 


The way they were created affects their different properties and functionalities but all hold within them Mother Earths DNA along with the amazing ability to absorb, conserve, focus, and emit energy.   

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What happens during a crystal healing session?

I will ask some questions about your health concerns and what you hope to achieve during the session. I will then ask you to remove your shoes and rest comfortably on top of a massage table.

I begin the session by choosing a type of sound therapy that will be beneficial to you and we will spend a few moments calming our minds and breath to become grounded and focused. As you begin to relax, I will intuitively move my hands over your body or use a special pendulum to sense any areas where dense energy may be felt and in need of treatment. I then place crystals of the appropriate color and type associated with the body's chakras on and around your body. Harmonic tuning forks associated with the chakras may also be used over the crystals to stimulate the movement of stagnant energy (Ki). Using them can significantly increase the body's ability to align and become properly balanced. 


Each session lasts an hour and once it’s completed, we will have a discussion about what occurred and I may provide some recommendations for crystals to purchase for home use.


Everyone’s experience is unique to them but most people will find that they feel remarkably rested or with a greater sense of well-being after one session. It is recommended however to continue to receive crystal healing treatments. By doing so, you are ensuring that your body remains aligned and activated at a higher vibration for longer periods of time which helps to thwart any form of imbalance that may lead to ill health. 

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Why are crystals used for healing?

Everything in our universe is made of energy and possesses a specific oscillator (or circuit) that causes it to vibrate. Different forms of energy oscillate at different vibrational frequencies known as their Dominant Oscillatory Rate or DOR. The DOR of something depends on specific molecular composition, size, thickness & color. 


Crystals are geometrically perfect formations and they are able to hold their high DOR due to their individual vibration, color, and mineral constituents. For these reasons, they are extremely resistant to any entropy or disorder, unlike the human body. 


We are crystalline beings, but the human body is not geometrically perfect and any kind of stressor can unstable and lower the vibration of any one (or several) of our body’s chakras (the centers of our bodies in which energy flows). If this occurs over a period of time, it can lead to imbalance, blockage, or disturbance within these areas creating dis-ease, aches and pains, and even severe illness. 


When specific crystals are placed on or near the body for a period of time, they can gently restore these imbalanced areas back to proper equilibrium before physical illness results.  


** I am not a medical doctor. Crystals are not to be used as a replacement method for necessary or adequate medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.**

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When did crystal healing begin?

Some may think this a New Age trend but the fact is, that crystal healing (or vibrational medicine) originated thousands of years ago in ancient civilizations found in India, China, and Egypt. The Australian Aborigines & Native Americans also used them. Long before we had big pharmaceutical companies marketing their manufactured drugs to the masses, humanity all around the world recognized the healing properties of crystals and began to experiment and practice their uses.


The knowledge that was obtained by healers over centuries of use was well documented and their teachings provide us with the basis and foundation for crystal healing we use today. 

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